PS4 – Alternative parental control

PS4 has abysmal parental control feature. It has global settings and several other issues. This means that only real way to enforce parental control is to lock the game disk away from your children. However, with the next generation consoles focusing more on digital games, it becomes a real problem if you buy games digitally through PSN and then had no way to control them.

After some research, I realised that you can have an alternate way of control if you buy digital games using an additional PSN account. This second PSN account should only be used to buy those games whom you want to control access to. Since PS4 only allows games to be accessible to other users if you set the PS4 as primary PS4 for your account, you need to avoid doing this for your second PSN account. In summary:

  • Have two separate account for buying digital games – one for regular games and one for other games (Adult only) that you want to control.
  • Set your PS4 as primary PS4 only for the first account. Don’t do it for second account.
  • Games for your first account will be accessible to all users on your PS4. Games from your second account will only be accessed when you login to that account. Set proper password for this second account.

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