Nexus 4 as gaming console !!

After going through a few references on the web (here, here and here), I was finally able to connect my Nexus 4 to TV and play game using a PS3 DualShock 3 controller. To summarize, here is what you need to do :

  1. You need a Slimport to HDMI adapter. The currently available one is SP1002, from Analogix. I bought it from iBhejo.
  2. Need to have a DualShock3 controller, it comes with PS3. (or you can buy it). There are reports of other controller working also, but I didn’t check them personally.
  3. Need to root your phone. This has two steps – first, unlock the bootloader, second, install the actual rooting app by temporarily booting into a custom bootloader. Note that you will still retain your stock bootloader and will continue to get updates from Google (as per the details on the thread).
  4. Need to buy the sixaxis controller software from google play. This works only on rooted phones.

The whole setup worked flawlessly for me and I was able to play FPS games like Shadowgun and Dead Trigger, pretty well.

More References:

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