My Google nexus 4 story

I had been thinking about buying a new mobile phone for some time and had looked at many options. I finally decided to go for a Google Nexus 4, mostly because it has much better specs despite having a modest price. The caveat – it’s not available in India (officially).

Generally, the easier way of getting something from USA, is to have somebody bring it with them when coming to India. However, at this time, I couldn’t find any suitable person who could do this for me. So, I started looking at other options and came across several articles/blog of people who have done it – like and There is a lot of discussion going on Nexus 4 Indian thread. Most of these method consists of 3-4 steps like :

  1. Getting a forwarding US address from a third party (like ppobox)
  2. Connect to google play using a VPN so that they will think you are in US
  3. Order and provide the US address from step 1
  4. Third party will send it to your India address for some charges (including custom etc)

First Attempt : My first attempt was through ppobox. However, Google canceled my order after two days saying – “Order not able to be delivered to a PPO. Please update address in Google Wallet and place a new order. Thank you.

Second Attempt : After doing some more research, I ordered again through iShopInternational. I selected ishop because their’s was the least complex process. Everything has to be paid in advance and they will handle custom/courier/whatever. Their quote was for ₹ 21,463 (all inclusive) for 8 GB model. I ordered on 13th March and got the phone delivered on 19th March. Pretty fast !!!

Meanwhile, I also ordered Ringke Fusion hard case from iBhejo.

I will write more about my experience with Nexus 4 as I start using it …

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